Find Your Fit

Love and serve God by loving and serving His people

We all belong to one body, we’re all united by the same Spirit.

At Northcross, we exist as a body to exalt God, by being equipped to engage the world with the good news… and as we do this, we grow together, we celebrate together, we mourn together, we love one another, we care for one another, we build friendships, we enter new and different seasons of life together… and we bless one another, together… serving as different parts of one united body.

So finding your fit in the body at Northcross may be a matter of serving. Serving in the church is a God-given opportunity to explore how we’re wired, to discover and live out our passions and abilities… to imagine how God might use us to bless others… because as the Gospel takes root in our hearts, we can’t help but move from an inward, self-seeking love… to an outward, self-sacrificial love – a love that is for Christ and for others.

Debbie Bossé

Ministry Director

Jessica Cettina

0-5s Ministry Coordinator

Annelli Morla

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Delwyn Lewis

Children's Ministry Support