Dr Claasen presents: A Technology Intensive

June 15 9:00 am - 2:00 pm  |  Northcross Church

826 East Coast Road, Oteha, Auckland, New Zealand

This is a three-part seminar that will explore the relationship between faith and technology. The content has been curated specifically for youth and young adults, so it’s sure to be a great time of learning and hanging out.

Technology has over run our lives. From shovels to smartphones, the way we work and play has been radically transformed by the tools that we create. It even shapes our relationship with God. We are recipients of all it benefits—enhancing our ability to make things, explore things, entertain ourselves, and communicate with others—and its challenges—decreased attention spans, addictions, and distractions. Taught by Dr Adam Claasen, this Techno-God series examines technology’s place in God’s redemptive plan and offers a critical exploration of how we can become more spiritually aware of its freeing and enslaving power.

🍕 WHO: 15-30 years
🍕 COST: $15
🍕 WHERE: Northcross Church
🍕 WHEN: 9AM-2PM, Saturday 15th June

Please note that we need payment upon registration because fees includes study materials + lunch.

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