Having fun at home

Christmas Activities

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game
Sharing Christmas Memories
Ready, Set, Run
A Birthday Cake for Jesus
Christmas Treat Board

Gratitude Activities

Gratitude Cup Cakes
Gratitude Hike
Pick Up Gratitude Sticks
Gratitude Cracker Snack
Gratitude Wreath

Integrity Activities

Nursing Home Visit
Find the Truth
Integrity Chains
Integrity Delivery
Integrity Cookies

Friendship Activities

Friendship Delivery
Friendship Bags
Friendship Charades
Friendship Cookies

Creativity Activities

Never Bored Creativity Box
Seeing God's Creativity
Cupcake Creativity
The Floor Is Lava
Days of Creation 1 & 2
Days of Creation 3 & 4
Days of Creation 5
Days of Creation 6 & 7

Faith Activities

Pressed Faith Flower
Faithful Slime
Snack and Seek
Sidewalk Encouragement
Faith Walk
Beautiful Music
Faith Time Capsule
Blindfolded Nature Walk
Planting With Faith
Faith Puzzles
Cooking With Faith

Confidence Activities

Confidence Coat of Arms
Confidence Towers
Cooking With Confidence
Sticky Encouragement
Confidently Flying
Eyes To Help

Humility Activities

Easter Garden
Humble Tag
Humble Notes
Spread Love
Straw Paint Thank You Cards
Climb a Mountain
Humble Crumble

Forgiveness Activities

Forgiveness Relay
Forgiveness Lemonade
Zooming Hearts
Confetti Cookie
Pay It Forward
Kindness Tree
The Science of Forgiveness

Respect Activities

Musical Hugs
Gather Family Recipes
Respect Hopscotch
Family Recipe
Chains Of Respect
Grow A Candy Heart

Knowledge Activities

A Day at the Museum
Family Trivia Night
Custom Bookmarks Craft
Make Something New!
Changing Water Craft
Calming the Storm Craft

Christmas Activities

Cookie Swap
Christmas Games Night
Countdown to Christmas
Five Star Cookie Bars