Stories and Testimonies of God, through people

We've been able to capture some of the stories of people within the Northcross community sharing what God has put on their heart, and what He's doing in our lives. Whether it is a story of salvation, story of calling to mission and serving, or the life of being a parent, this is an archive of real people and moments.


Tim's heart for people is shown throughout his ministry work with StreetVan. He speaks about finding true joy in loving God by serving others.

Carrie's work with international students at Massey University has made an impact on both the students she mentors and disciples as well as her own spiritual walk with Jesus.

A conversation with Mark and Georgie Wallace about parenting, motherhood, and what it truly means to have the role and responsibility of a mother.

Professional Therapists Rob Mason (former pastor) and Anne Kemps share an in-depth discussion about how to find hope in distressed relationships.

Church Family

Northcross Kids share their favourite moments with their dads for Father's Day.

Shine (Cover) Music video by Eli & Friends

Northcross Kids share what they love most about their mums for Mother's Day.

Happy Day (Cover) Music Video by Northcross Worship

Northcross Worship