Richard-LyndaRichard is the New Zealand Executive Director of the Slavic Gospel Association. Lynda is a Council Member.

SGA NZ has a ministry to the Russian speaking nations, many from the former Soviet Union, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Central Asia where persecution is now at a high level. With 2 million Russian-speaking Jews now in Israel, a new ministry has been started by our US office and New Zealand is assisting in this.

SGA partners with churches and individuals, and supports National Church Planters in 11 countries. Orphans and children in need are reached by a number of Children’s Ministry Teams. Many other projects are in progress, including Summer camps, Food for Widows, Medical Emergencies and Christian materials.

SGA officially represents the Russian Union of Evangelical Churches and all funding is channeled through the local churches.

There are also a number of Evangelical Russian speaking churches in New Zealand and
the office, located on the North Shore, has a Russian language bookshop to support them.