The Northcross Church Library provides opportunity for personal growth and development outside regular church on Sunday. We have consciously chosen to have a modern, up to date and well maintained library to quench most people’s spiritual needs. Open on Sundays and during office hours or any time the church is open! People are welcome to take home and return books/resources.

It offers a large range of books, DVD’s and other resources from a wide range of authors, covering a vast range of topics. This includes anything from kids’ stuff, novels, practical topics or some awesome theology! Come on in and browse through a wide range of Christian resources – see the attached downloads for what resources are available.

We also accept donations of any good quality resources – how often do you really read a book more than once? Why not make it available to a wider audience and bless someone else!

Our library is housed in three different areas within the church complex. The main library is found in the foyer opposite the western entry to the auditorium with a lovely lounging area for you to browse as long as you like. Mainly Music & children’s libraries are in the Kids’ Church auditorium with the reference library located upstairs.


1. Take the card from the pocket in the back of the book/DVD and print your name, including surname, date, contact phone number.
2. Put the card in the card holder on middle shelf above returns box.


1. We do not have a time limit on books/DVD returns currently.
2. Place your returns in the RETURN slot.

Books/DVD’s may be borrowed or returned any time the church is open


1. We accept donations of good quality Christian material at any time.
2. You can leave your donations in the DONATION slot. For large quantities please leave in the room opposite in front of white cupboards or reception with a note on.
3. We reserve the right to dispose of any surplus or unsuitable donations or donate forward to other churches, pastors or groups with similar collections.