CramptonsinAshley spent his teenage years in Fiji as his parents were missionaries there. He and his father helped to build the Lautoka Gospel Chapel building in 1955, the Sabeto Valley Christian Camp [near Nadi] in 1956 and the Sigatoka Gospel Chapel building in 1959.

Since 2008 Ashley and Gillian have spent up to 6 months each year in Fiji, working alongside the elders of the Sigatoka Gospel Chapel in pastoral care, teaching, evangelism, prison ministry, women’s ministry, and assisting in a number of community activities.  Ashley meets regularly with the Sigatoka/Nadrogan Ministers Fraternal, as a result, combined outreaches are arranged monthly in the wider community, facilitated by alternating host churches.

Their trips so far:

  • August to October 2008
  • November to December 2009
  • May to December 2010
  • April to end of August 2011
  • May to September 2012
  • October 2012 to January 2013
  • April to October 2013
  • March 2014
  • May to September 2014

Ashley and Gillian assist local people by visiting remote Indian communities and Fijian villages. Two of the settlements near Sigatoka are visited weekly and there are opportunities to share the Gospel, and for prayer and counselling. Most of the people here are poor and help is provided for food parcels, medical assistance, school fees, clothing, repairs to their houses, etc.

Prayer Points:

  • For wisdom and discernment as the Cramptons assess the needs of people who have suffered devastation in annual floods.
  • The openness to share their faith with the many people they have contact with daily.
  • To erect a Church building in the settlement at Bilalevu [Sigatoka River Valley – 35 kms from Sigatoka] in the mainly Indian community. The land has been purchased.
  • For continued health and strength to enable them to work alongside the churches and communities.