Andrew-Margaret-MarriottAndrew and Margaret are the Directors of Missionary Ventures New Zealand, a non-denominational Christian mission organisation and part of Missionary Ventures International.

Missionary Ventures works in partnership with individuals, Christian churches and organisations in New Zealand to support projects, send out short-term ‘motivate’ mission teams, and recruit workers for the mission field in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

What we do:

  • Develop partnerships with Christian churches, individuals and organisations – linking them strategically with the field.
  • Train and equip churches and individuals for cross-cultural ministry.
  • Raise awareness of field needs and opportunities for personal involvement.
  • Raise finances and resources for specific projects, which are then channelled to the field through our Field Coordinators.
  • Build strategic alliances with national churches, leaders and Christian Organisations in the regions we work in.

How Missionary Ventures works

Field Driven: We have strategic partnerships with dynamic indigenous Christian leaders and we aim to support and encourage them in how God is using them in their own nation or region.

Field-coordinators: Our full-time missionaries (Field Coordinators) have significant experience in the countries in which we work. They understand the culture, speak the language and have a vision and calling from God to work and minister there.

Through ‘Sending Offices’: We currently have six ‘sending offices’ (such as MVNewZealand), whose purpose is to motivate and facilitate individuals and churches to get involved in mission through short-term teams, project sponsorship and prayer.

To keep up to date with what’s happening and opportunities to serve, subscribe to the ‘motivate’ e-bulletin and Facebook page.

MVNZ, PO Box 35260, Browns Bay, Auckland 0753, New Zealand
Tel/Fax: 09 478 2656